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Recipes - Southern Chicken Panino

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Southern Picnic Chicken BLT Panino

A Southern Fried Chicken breast served up with crispy bacon, garlic aioli, grilled green tomatoes, white cheddar cheese baby greens and a honey Dijon drizzle on foccacia bread!

4 oz. Fried Chicken breast (Seasoned flour, Buttermilk, Panko crumbs)
Green Tomatoes (1 thick grilled)
Baby Greens (1/2 cup)
Dijon Glaze (1 oz.)
Garlic Aioli (1 1/2 TBLS)
4 foccacia square
3 Strips Bacon (Cooked crisp)
1 slice white cheddar cheese

Pound Chicken out slightly so top of lobe is same thickness as bottom.
Set up standard breading station (Dry, wet, Dry) in pans
1. Seasoned flour, 2 Butter milk, 3. equal parts panko and seasoned flour.

Fry Chicken breast in skillet or deep fryer at approx 350 until done. Hold
Core and slice green tomatoes. 1 thick. Season with S & P toss in light olive oil and grill on flat grill 45 sec to 1 min per side. Then butterfly in . You want the tomato to maintain some texture.

All ingredients can be prepped ahead and held. I like to do the chicken Picnic style chilled. So the Panini can be assembled just before service and finished (pressed) on site.


Slice foccacia in half. Spread garlic aioli evenly on top and bottom.
Place fried chicken breast on bottom, top with grilled green tomatoes (2 slices) Season with S&P
Top with baby greens and drizzle with honey Dijon glaze .
Top with bacon and cheese. Top sand with foccacia.
Heat on Flat grill or Panini press both sides until toasted

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